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Tavola Wave RRD Hardcore Wave LTD V7 70/78/86/96lts NUOVA

Caratteristiche Oggetto
Lunghezza cm. Larghezza cm. Volume lt.
 220  54  70
 221  56  76
 223  58  86
 225  60  96



The Hardcore Wave V7 is without doubt our most complete wave board ever. Developed and inspired from the boards of Alex Mussolini, they offer the usual radical turning ability that the Hardcore has been famous for, but with added speed and performance to make them the most versatile Hardcore ever. All the boards have been completely renewed and re-shaped from scratch. 4 new boards from the 96 lts all the way down to 70 lts. The new Hardcore v7 allows late lip hits and radical turns as if it was a surf board. Always in control and able to attack the wave. Compared to previous V6, the new scoopline is slightly flatter through the front section giving hugely improved speed and performance, but the pronounced kick through the tail maintains the radical turning ability. The new distinctive outline comes with a fish tail and pin nose. The tail adds drive through the turns, whilst the narrow nose allows radical snaps off the top. The new Hardcore comes with the Biaxial Innegra Carbon fibers on the deck which gives an impressive style and strength to the board. All the boards are provided with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour.  Get ready for your ride!
NEW FEATURES:  4 completely new shapes: the 70/78/86 and 96 lts   
  • New scoopline: flatter in the front section: improved speed and performance; tail with pronounced kick for turning ability
  • Fish tail to add drive to the turns and pin nose to ease snaps on the top of the wave
  • New Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck and glass bottom
  • All the boards come with 5 fin slot boxes to be able to switch from Thruster to Quad set up and are provided with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour 
ALEX MUSSOLINI about the Hardcore Wave V7:  The new Hardcore Wave comes out from an intense development program. It’s the same board that I use every day and during competions, extremely fast and radical in turns. I feel great with this board because it makes it easy to do the hardest moves. Turning tight and hitting the lip in the most radical section will be more exciting than ever!

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