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Vela Freestyle Vela RRD STYLE PRO MK7 2019

Caratteristiche Oggetto
Superficie mt2 boma cm albero + prol. cm Luff
3,8 146 370+4 374
4,1 150 370+14 384
4,4 152 370+28 398
4,8 154 400+14 414
5,2 158 400+30 430
5,6 163 430+15 445




After our most successful season yet we introduce the Style Pro MK7, our new pure freestyle sail. With Jacopo Testa powering to victory in the European Tour as well as standing on the podium of the PWA, the pedigree of the Style Pro is plain to see. A huge amount of work went in the Mk7 with all the team involved and hours of both testing and debriefing. The result is a faster sail, with more reactivity to help push the sport even higher. The Style Pro Mk7 continues to push the boundaries forward, making everything simple and letting you focus on the biggest moves!

John Skye about the STYLE PRO MK7 We spent a huge about of time testing and refining various concepts to get the absolute best from a sail in a constantly evolving side of our sport. Modified luff tube, batten angles and more, were tried and tested in a truly extensive research program. The new Style Pro MK7 is the most reactive, faster in the duck and with huge explosive power when needed.”
An increase in the dacron section of our Power luff zone, and a decrease in the luff tube width was the secret to making the sail faster, but at the same time keeping all the power. At the same time we modified the batten angle to help keep the structure solid and reduce movement in the sail. Helping to make the sail stable in both the ducking and the moves.

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