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albero windsurf RRD Black Ribbon Y28 Mast RDM 95% Carbon Nuovo


Caratteristiche Oggetto
Lunghezza Sezione % Carbonio IMCS
340 RDM 95 15
370 RDM 95 17
400 RDM 95 19
430 RDM 95 21
460 RDM 95 25





Introducing the ultimate wave mast. Designed together with the BLKRBN wave sail, the goal was to produce the lightest and most durable mast possible. We used the highest technology and materials available, normally reserved for C100 top line race masts, but designed it into a C95 wave mast. This means purchasing top non-pregreg T800 grade carbon and prepregnating the resin in-house to be able to control the process to the highest degree possible. Furthermore a thickened wall further increases strength achieving the highest strength to weight ratio possible. A C95 wave mast lighter or equal to many C100 race masts. We also introduce a specifically designed feral cap that helps self clean the join and help to avoid fused mast join. Finally our lightly textured base section prevents boom slippage in even the most extreme situations.

340 BLACK RIBBON RDM – ART. CODE: 28BRM340R – RP: 578,00€ 370 BLACK RIBBON RDM – ART. CODE: 28BRM370R – RP: 537,00€ 400 BLACK RIBBON RDM – ART. CODE: 28BRM400R – RP:558,00€ 430 BLACK RIBBON RDM – ART. CODE: 28BRM430R – RP: 599,00€ 460 BLACK RIBBON RDM – ART. CODE: 28BRM460R – RP: 619,00€

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