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boma windsurf RRD DYNAMIC ALLOY PRO Y25 diametro 29 e RDM 26 NUOVO

Caratteristiche Oggetto
 140-200 RDM  wave / freestyle T9 alloy  26
 160-220 RDM  freestylewave / freeride T9 alloy  26
 120-170 RDM  wave T9 alloy  25
 140-200  wave / freestyle T9 alloy  29
 160-220  freestylewave / freeride T9 alloy  29
 180-240  freerace /slalomrace T9 alloy  29
 200-260  slalomrace T9 alloy  30/36



140 RDM/160RDM – reduced diameter 26mm tubing helps to reduce forearm fatigue. Especially suited to small hands. 140/160/180/200 – Perfect bend curves and tail ends makes each size perfectly suited to the sail, whether it’s a large freeride sail or a small wave sail. NEW for YR24 we updated the tail ends on all Avant booms 140 and larger. All models feature a new rounded square tail end based on similar dimensions to the Dynamic and Dynamic Pro models, giving a great new look and improved performance across the complete 

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