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Leash RRD 8’ coiled calf per surf e sup

Caratteristiche Oggetto
8mm x 10′ surf/sup calf




The new RRD leash is designed to offer minimal resistance for flat water and open ocean paddling. The leashes are available in 6’0’’, 7’0’’, 8’0’’, 9’0’’ in length of urethane cord. Wide Neoprene Cuff With Quick Release. Respect other paddlers and have peace of mind knowing your paddle Board is close by during any spills or swims you may take. The coil 10’0’’ X 8MM leash eliminates any slack a traditional straight leash might normally have.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Misura leash

7mm x 6', 7mm x 7', 7mm x 8', 8mm x 10', 8mm x 10' calf, 8mm x 8', 8mm x 9', 9mm x 9'