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Pinna windsurf RRD Freewave fin

Caratteristiche Oggetto
Misura cm Attacco
10 x 2 Slot-Box
11 x 2 Slot-Box
13,5 Slot-Box
15 Slot-Box
16,5 Slot-Box
18 Slot-Box
19,5 Slot-Box
20 Slot-Box
21 Slot-Box
18 US-Box
18 POWER-Box
19 US-Box
19 POWER-Box
20 US-Box
20 POWER-Box
21 US-Box
21 POWER-Box




CAD designed to specifically fit the various board programs of our range and to offer alternative sizes to our riders. Produced with a power box or tuttle box system they are all made with G-10 panels and handfoiled to offer the best strength-foil and accuracy-price ratio. They come in 3 different programs:
  1. Freestyle Wave, a single fin line specifically designed for our Freestyle Wave range
  2. Freemove line, designed to work at their best, both with our Firemove, Fireride line of boards and suited also for our 360 Evolution boards range
  3. Razor line, a pure blooded slalom –racing fin design for our Firestorm and X-Fire boards line
Available with a Powerbox or Tuttle box sytem.

Freewave set specifically designed for use on freestyle wave boards.

  • G-10 center fin powerbox
  • Polyester side slotbox fin

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