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RRD Beluga LTE 75 – 90 – 105 – 125 Y27 WingBoard Nuova




Introducing the Beluga LTE: Unleash your potential in wing foiling Experience the ultimate wing foiling thrill with our revolutionary new board, the Beluga LTE. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wing foil board features an exquisite gray design that not only turns heads, but also offers unparalleled performance. One of the key features of the Beluga LTE is its exceptional light weight, allowing it to glide effortlessly through the water with minimal drag. This lightweight construction does not compromise strength, ensuring that the board remains durable and can handle the rigors of intense wing foiling sessions. Designed to excel in both wave and flat water conditions, the Beluga LTE offers unmatched versatility. Its specially designed rails, featuring a pronounced bevel, provide a larger area for comfortable foot placement. In addition, the reduced bottom surface area minimizes drag during descents, allowing you to maintain speed and efficiency throughout your ride. Pumping the Beluga LTE is a breeze, thanks to the pronounced kicker on the tail. This feature facilitates quick and efficient takeoffs, allowing you to lift off and take flight in the blink of an eye. Whether you are learning new tricks or performing complex maneuvers, the Beluga LTE provides superior control, allowing you to push your limits and reach new heights. Unleash your potential with the Beluga LTE. Get ready to conquer the waves and dominate the flat water. Your wing foiling journey begins here. Available in four different Sizes 75 – 90 – 105 – 125


BELUGA 125 LTE Y27 175 x 76 125 7.57 2 X US BOX SLOTS 27BLG125LTE 1.399,00€
BELUGA 105 LTE Y27 170 x 72 105 6.82 2 X US BOX SLOTS 27BLG105LTE 1.399,00€
BELUGA 90 LTE Y27 165 x 67 90 6.03 2 X US BOX SLOTS 27BLG90LTE 1.399,00€
BELUGA 75 LTE Y27 160 x 62 75 5.40 2 X US BOX SLOTS 27BLG75LTE 1.399,00€

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