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Tavola wakestyle RRD Juice Y25 40/41/42/43 twintip board NUOVA

Caratteristiche Oggtto
Modello Lunghezza
40 136 x 40 cm
41 138 x 41 cm
42 140 x 42 cm
43 143 x 43 cm




The Juice is the ultimate wakestyle machine of our range. Now entirely made in Europe, developed and approved by the top riders of our freestyle team, such as 2018 Vice World Champion Adeuri Corniel and Julien Leleu, this is the most aggressive board of Rrd’s twintip arsenal. The Y25 edition of the Juice has an improved, thicker grindbase bottom layer and a new revolutionary rocker line, blending the classic continuous rocker with three separate planes, resulting in a mix of continuous and three stage curve, providing a unique feel of control during the take off and the most explosive pop ever. Will it still deliver those buttery, flawless landings? You can say it out loud! Behind the kite or cable, this Juice is worth the squeeze!


  • Entirely made in Europe.
  • Constant outline shape, this gives you a more rounded pop and smoother curves.
  • Hull channels on tips, and mid outline, that propels water across the board and gives it incredible speed, grip, and tracking capabilities.
  • ABS sidewalls.
  • Reinforced symmetrical inserts, for simple boots adjustments combined with 30% more pull strength and 10% weight reduction.
  • Double biaxial carbon strips on deck and bottom for extra rigidity and minimum reverse flex.
  • Gradual three stage rocker, pop like never before.
  • Narrower stance settings for ninja spins and smaller riders.



JUICE 136 X 40 25JU40
JUICE 138 X 41 25JU41
JUICE 140 X 42 25JU42
JUICE 143 X 43 25JU43

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