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Vela Race / Slalom RRD X-WING Y29 NUOVA 2024





Our pure slalom sail featuring 4 cambers, dedicated to speed and racing! As the world of slalom racing continually changes, hours and hours of non stop research and development have gone into the X-Wing. For Y29 we introduce new sizes that fit better to the current rules and trends of slalom. A subtle change from a 7.0 to a 6.6 gives hugely improved performance when paired with the small size slalom boards, freeing the boards up to fly better, especially noticeable in choppy water. A change from 7.8 to 7.4 has a similar effect on the medium board, giving a higher top end range of the “medium” setup, without sacrificing much at the lower end. Further adjustments to the batten shaping profile give a touch more power, stability and drive throughout the range. Larger sizes remain high aspect ratio, which whilst optimised for fin, still allow competitive performance on foil, as proven at the PWA World Youth finals where the same production 8.4 X-Wing dominated both fin and foil disciplines to take a double win! So whether you are on fin or foil, chasing GPS speeds, racing friends or attacking the slalom course the X-wing is the dream partner.


  • New sizing to better suit current slalom trends.
  • New luff sleeve design to improve visibility around the race course.
  • 5.2 / 5.6 / 6.2 – RDM mast for control, comfort and speed in high winds.
  • 6.6 / 7.4 / 8.4 – SDM mast for improved reflex and performance in lighter and medium wind conditions.
  • Modified batten shaping for improved drive and upwind ability.
  • 6.6 designed to fit better on both small and medium slalom boards.
  • Higher aspect designs in the larger sizes to still work well on foil.
  • Finer foil entry and repositioned draft for better low end drive and increased performance when sailing tight into the wind.
  • Overlapping batten pockets, for light weight and symmetrical performance on both tacks.
  • Double power clew system for huge tuning range.
  • Mix of carbon and glass battens for optimum performance throughout.
  • Integrated trim system for perfect rigging every time.


X-WING Y29 5.2 179/181 405 DYNAMIC PRO COMP RDM 370/400 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 5.2 1.149,00€
X-WING Y29 5.6 186/188 412 DYNAMIC PRO COMP RDM 400 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 5.6 1.179,00€
X-WING Y29 6.2 196/198 432 DYNAMIC PRO COMP RDM 400 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 6.2 1.209,00€
X-WING Y29 6.6 200/202 454 DYNAMIC PRO COMP SDM 430 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 6.6 1.249,00€
X-WING Y29 7.4 208/210 486 DYNAMIC PRO COMP SDM 460 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 7.4 1.339,00€
X-WING Y29 8.4 222/224 526 DYNAMIC PRO COMP SDM 490 7 FIXED T.B.C. 29XW H3 8.4 1.389,00€

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